Practical Diploma Examinations in Music Entry Form

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  My programme consists entirely of repertoire published in the syllabus .  

  My programme includes own choice repertoire, my approval letter is attached. I understand that application will NOT be processed unless the approval letter is attached. (Please also take a copy of the approval letter to the examination to hand to the examiner)


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• Please complete this form in BLOCK capital letters
• All blanks should be completed unless stated otherwise. Any incomplete form will not be processed.
• Please use separate forms for EVERY entry.
• Do not fax entries under any circumstances.

Please read the syllabuses carefully before enrolling. Candidates of Trinity Music Examinations are assumed to agree and abide by the regulations published in “Examination Syllabuses” and the following conditions:

• Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre (THKMC) reserves the right to change the above examination dates and enrolment dates.
• Entries must be submitted before enrolment closing date. THKMC reserves the right to refuse any entries submitted after the closing date and surcharges will be applied to all late entries.
• The named candidates on the entry form must be the candidates attending the examination; under no circumstance may substitute candidates replace the originally entered candidates. Trinity examiners and exam stewards have the right to request for the proof of identity of candidates.
• After the examination appointment slips have been issued, THKMC have the rights to reject the request of examination re-arrangement. Exam re-arrangement will not be considered if such request is neither without the proof of evidence (including copies of related documents such as appointment slip, official exam timetable issued by school, fight itinerary, boarding pass showing candidates’ name and date) nor is not submitted by email within 5 working-days upon the date of postal and it will not accept after the mentioned date. Administration fee will be charged for any request of examination re-arrangement.
• If Applicants specify not available exam period on their application form, proof of evidence (such as official exam timetable issued by school, fight itinerary, boarding pass showing candidates’ name and date) must provide for further consideration and arrangement. THKMC reserves the right of final approval.
• Enrolments processed through THKMC will have the examinations arranged in Hong Kong.
• Enrolments (except in special circumstances) must be finished within designated exam period, no postponement/withdrawal/refund would be allowed. cc
• No more than one entry will be accepted per candidate per session in the same grade and subject. Over-payment will not be refunded.

• Data provided must be accurate and clearly written, THKMC do not guarantee its accuracy and reliability and accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from any inaccuracy or omission.
• Data will be under protection of “UK Data Protection Act 1998”. Data provided will be used for examination administration and academic research.c
• In compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, access to all personal data will be made available, on payment of a fee, to anyone who can establish his/her right to be informed of such data as are retained by the THKMC. Please also note that applicants’/candidates’ personal data/correspondence/other information received by the THKMC may be referred to the Examination Board concerned. Applicants/candidates should approach the Examination Board direct for their personal data/information handling policies if necessary.c
*If you do not wish your personal data to be used for this purpose, please Email to Officer) to the Registration.
• Hong Kong Trinity Music Centre (THKMC) will ensure that the data provided by you are treated and kept strictly confidential, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The data provided by you are solely for THKMC on communication and development purposes. THKMC will not disclose your personal information to any external parties unless otherwise stated or with your prior consent or it is required to do so by law. If you want to have access to or change your personal data, please send your full name, contact method, to If you do not wish to receive our information, please contact THKMC via the above channels directly. You may at any time make an opt-out request to THKMC of not receiving all or any specific communication material from THKMC by sending us a written request.

• The “exam full fee” (including examination fee, interpretation fee and late-entry surcharge) have to be paid prior to entry submissions before the enrollment deadline. Please refer to “Enrolment and Payment Procedures” on next page for details.
• Applicants must ensure the paid amount and information on the receipt are in accordance with “full exam fee”, it may reject the application or administration fee will be charged if there is payment discrepancy. Over-payment will not be refunded.

• Official Receipt will be issued to applicants by email. Please notify THKMC if confirmation is not received 8 weeks after the enrolment closing date.
• Appointment slips will be issued by post to applicants.
• Candidates should contact THKMC if they do not receive appointment slips 1 month prior their exam. THKMC does not bear the responsibilities for any loss in the mailing process.
• Candidates must attend the examinations with the examination appointment slips. If the appointment slip is lost, applicants have to apply for a “duplicate” by letter to THKMC. Administration fee will be charged for the re-issuing of examination appointment slips. If candidates do not receive the examination appointment slips before the examinations, please come to THKMC office to collect the “duplicate” one in person / by authorized person. This has to done at least 7 days before the examinations.
• Candidates should contact THKMC if they do not receive examination report within 3 months after examination.